TicketsFromTheWeb.com guarantees the authenticity of every ticket we sell, including TicketFast and all other forms of eTickets.


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TicketFast is a brand name owned by TicketMaster and is synonymous with other brand names such as "SpeedyTix".  These tickets are often referred to in listings on our website as "E-Tix" or "E-Tickets".
TicketFast is not a company, it is a brand name the same as BigMac is a brand name owned by McDonald's.  TicketFast (and synonymous forms of eTickets) is a technology which box offices use as a delivery method.  Rather than mailing the traditional hard-stock ticket most consumers are accustomed to, the box office sends the ticket as a pdf file which contains a bardcoded ticket.

Most major online box offices, including TicketMaster, offer eTickets as a delivery option.  When E-Tickets are purchased through the original box office, the original buyer is sent an Adobe file via email, rather than receiving a traditional ticket in the mail.  The pdf file contains an actual ticket, including a unique barcode.  Upon entering the venue, the barcode is scanned to authenticate the ticket, just as with a traditional, hard-stock ticket.
Perhaps you have been to an event recently where they scan your ticket at the door, rather than tearing your ticket as they once did.  Ticketfast Tickets (and other brand names of eTickets) work the same way.  But the barcoded ticket is sent via email for the consumer to print rather than mailed.

Printing your TicketFast Tickets
Buying TicketFast Tickets
Selling TicketFast Tickets
Fraudulent TicketFast Tickets


"TicketsFromTheWeb.com guarantees the authenticity of every ticket we sell, including TicketFast and all other forms of eTickets."

Remember:  TicketsFromTheWeb.com has no hidden "Service Fees" on Ticketfast tickets.  The price displayed is your final ticket price

Many sports teams have partnered with TicketMaster to create an online "Account Manager" for their season ticket holders.  The account manager allows season ticket holders the opportunity to forward their tickets by email.  Ticket brokers often utilize this feature to ship tickets internationally, avoiding expensive delivery costs and problems with delivery addresses which sometimes occur.  Additionally, online ticket agencies also gain the opportunity to sell their tickets up to the day of the game.  When tickets are forwarded via the email forwarding option in the Account Manager, the originally issued hard-stock tickets are automatically voided. 

Some of the wholesalers with whom we work buy some of their tickets using this delivery option to expedite shipping availability.  Ticketfast tickets are all treated with the same security as traditional tickets the entire time they are in our possession.

Many of our clients prefer Ticketfast for ease of delivery, as well as for the ability to buy last minute tickets. 

Printing TicketFast Tickets:
This information if provided as a convenience to our users.  Your individual circumstances may be different depending on how you bought your tickets, when you bought your tickets, and from whom you bought your tickets.  If the information below is not helpful, please contact the broker, team, venue, or box office (potentially TicketMaster) from which you purchased your tickets.

If you purchased your tickets from TicketMaster:

  • Log on to www.TicketMaster.com.

  • From the home page, click the tab at the top labeled "My TicketMaster".

  • Log in using your email address and password

  • On the right, click on the link which reads "Print My Tickets"

  • Click on the order # for the tickets which need to be printed, follow the tickmaster links from there to open your file.

  • On most PCs, your file will open in Adobe.

  • Click print and check to be sure the barcode prints clearly.

  • you're ready to go!

If you purchased your tickets from a ticket broker:
(We can't speak for every broker, ask your broker for specific details of their procedures.)

  • Your tickets will likely be delivered to you as an attachment to an email..

  • Open your email and click on the attachment.

  • Save the file to a safe place on your computer.

  • Open the file and print your tickets.

  • Treat the tickets and the file for the tickets with absolute care.  Any breach to the security of the tickets places your admission at great risk.

Fraudulent TicketFast Tickets:

Because it is easy to reproduce unlimited copies of eTickets, fraud has become an issue, ever since they were introduced several years ago.  We particularly caution you against purchasing electronic tickets from street sellers, because your recourse is very limited.  These issues came to light during a recent Bruce Springsteen tour, where the same tickets were sold at street level hundreds of times over.  Buying from a broker assures you that your tickets, and their security, have been treated with great care.  Your should be sure the ticket agency working for you is reputable and has solid public references.  Paying with your credit card will also give you an added layer of security.

In the experience of TicketsFromTheWeb.com, we have never had issues with a professional seller (broker or professional wholesaler) and fraudulent Tickets.  The industry is one where reputation is everything, and brokers rely upon each other's inventory.  An industry seller caught selling fraudulent tickets would be blacklisted from industry selling databases, and likely reported to authorities, immediately.  Industry sellers are expected to maintain very high standards to maintain absolute security.

Some sellers on auction sites also chose ETickets as their delivery method.  While we do not intend to unfairly cast doubt on good sellers, you would be well advised to be very certain of the reputation of the seller.  Even a well-intentioned seller can make a mistake, and most auction site sellers are part-time sellers, not professionals, and may not have the attention to detail you can expect from a professional broker.  It only takes one mistake.  The barcodes on these tickets will only validate one time, so if a seller accidentally sent the file to more than one person, only the first one to the door would get in.

TicketsFromTheWeb.com guarantees the authenticity of every ticket we sell, including TicketFast and all other forms of eTickets.

Buying TicketFast Tickets:

For the most part, you can buy TicketFast tickets as you would any others.  Be sure to read the above notes about fraudulent tickets, and we caution you strongly about the risks of buying printed electronic tickets from a street seller.  If you are buying from TicketMaster or another box office, simply choose the delivery option for TicketFast (or other synonymous eTicket).

"TicketsFromTheWeb.com guarantees the authenticity of every ticket we sell, including TicketFast and all other forms of eTickets."

There may be a small fee for this delivery method.  TicketMaster will send you an email when your tickets are ready for printing, check the individual notification procedures for other box offices.

If you are buying from a broker, be sure to know their guarantees and policies, and check their credentials (Better Business Bureau Members?), the same as you should prior to making any purchase.  Most brokers print and ship their TicketFast tickets the same as they would a traditional, hard stock ticket, for security purposes.  Some online brokers will charge significant fees for electronic delivery, sometimes as much as $15 for the effort (TicketsFromTheWeb.com does not charge additional for electronic delivery).  Check with the broker from whom you are buying to learn about their specific policies and procedures.

Selling TicketFast Tickets:

If you purchased your tickets as eTickets, and you now want to sell them, you may have a hard road ahead.  TicketsFromTheWeb.com will not buy TicketFast tickets from non-industry sources under any circumstances.  We are confident that you will find that to be consistent with the overwhelming majority of professional brokers.  Our reputations are our most powerful business assets, and wouldn't be risked for such eTickets, as their authenticity can not be confirmed.

Your best bet is using an internet auction site.  Be warned that most buyers will be cautious about buying Ticketfast tickets, so you will receive less interest, and likely less money.  It is industry standard to disclose that tickets are eTickets in any sales posting, and we encourage you do follow this standard.  Buyers are very unhappy if they are surprised with this fact after the sale is completed.  Be very clear about the policies you will employ and be extremely careful with your files and printout of your tickets.  Have a system which you use to assure against double-selling or redistribution of the file and live by that system, even if you're only selling one time. 

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